Friday, March 2, 2018

Macklemore ft Skylar Grey Glorious

Eminem seemed the only white rapper able to face the usually black world of hip-hop. Indeed, he received a motto Slim Shady insofar as he could have problems as he was in a black world.

Macklemore Glorious

Eminem was crowned as the best rapper in the world until one day Kanye West appeared. Nowadays it is Kendrick Lamar the best rapper in the world and black hip-hop artists rule this popular musical genre.

Nonetheless, there is someone who can face them again. The white rapper Macklemore from Seattle. As a matter of fact, the song and music video Glorious is amongst the best that has been published not only in the world of hip-hop but also in the world of music as you may discover right now.


What is more, Macklemore, finds in Skylar Grey a perfect partner to render an incredible song as you are going to discover. Macklemore finds an unforgettable way to celebrate a birthday.


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